FW16 Batch 16 Guild

Are you sure, that you are in batch 16?
Sounds more like Batch 14 or 15 to me :slight_smile:

You make so good poits.

I’ve sent this in for repair and they had to replace the innards, since then it’s worked ok. I’ve been in the EUFI, but dell has that so locked down it’s rediculus. I’ve tried the MSI afterburner and Intel tuning utility to setup custom profiles and tweak things, but to very little positive outcome.

Also, External GPUs don’t work for my needs since I’m an engineer and bounce from place to place. the GTX 4070 in my laptop was VR compatible which is why I got it. Going to a hotel room and using Immersed my Quest Pro is wonderful since it gives me a 4 monitor setup in my hotel or home.

I know it’s an edgecase, but it’s what works well for me. if the AMD GPU can’t do the simplest VR tasks (not talking even Skyrim VR levels of power, which is pretty low), then I don’t know if I want to keep my preorder.

This is a tough one…

I think I’m going to scream into a pillow.

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My ram arrives today from NewEgg, and my SSD … seems to have taken a trip without me, should be here by end of week. Right on time. I need to get my Win10 key and decide if I’m going to put Ubuntu on the same harddrive or if I want to boot it off of an external drive. I’ll have 2TB so I’m leaning towards partitioning the same drive for both.

Lol, I got way too excited

I’ve got a set of these ordered too; I’m going to trick this bad boy out: [Show] RGB LED Matrix Input Module

Plus something over here: Framework Keyboard Stickers (Transparent Background + Colored Symbols) | Keyshorts but I’m considering going full custom by asking my artist friend to make something nice, then customize it over there. :slight_smile: I’ve got the RGB clear keyboard so I want it to be super cool.

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I can’t wait to see what you do with the RGB matrix spacers!

Yeah, it looks like they charge the batch 5-6 days after the email, and then email the next batch the same day, or next day. So I’m hoping the 13-14th we’ll hear something.

I’ve heard that batch 15’s cards were just charged

I think at this point we’ll get the email on Monday… it would be so exciting to get it tonight but it’s probably a bit late now :sweat_smile:

It’s only 3pm their time right now, so there’s a small chance, but yeah I’m expecting it Monday, unless someone works over the weekend (Please Framework people don’t, we like well-rested devs and engineers making our stuff!)

Refresh, refresh, resresh…

Yes, we are now in the serial (Email) refreshing stage in this marathon of painful waiting.

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Oh …… we weren’t supposed to do that until now ?


I was the same, but now I thought that it’s probably to late. We’ll see each other on monday I guess :slight_smile:


Hello, has anyone been bumped from batch 16 to 17?


Wha…… :frowning:

What a bummer :frowning:

Not effected by this myself, but definitely feeling you!

Shipping to here was already slow… oh well hoping for just 2weeks delay then… Guess I have a little more time to figure out memory and storage

I was bumped from 17 to 16. Haven’t heard of being bumped down a batch though.