FW16 for music/production?

I’m waiting on the FW16 to upgrade my 2018 2-in-1 that I’ve used for everything from streaming to stage performance, and it’s been almost flawless despite the 8th gen i7 starting to show its age. Is anyone else using a FW currently for performance or production work?

I’m especially interested in the module swapping, but waiting on the 16 for the numpad and bigger screen. Changing my setup from one gig to the next is essential, so if the FW16 is everything I think it will be, this could be my last stage laptop (until they release a FW18 haha).

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The 11th gen i5 runs Ableton + a software audio interface flawlessly, so I’m fairly confident that anything more recent will be perfect performance wise. Hardware wise, I have a few obscenely ambitious USB midi controller ideas for the input modules and expansion bay, we’ll see if I can make anything work when I decide to grab a 16 as a studio laptop.


YES that is EXACTLY what I’m talking about! I perform with Serato, but I’m hoping to be able to run an OBS instance out to a live screen for visuals and still have enough horsepower for the new stems algorithm. Hell … three years ago I would have been happy just to have upgradeable RAM. I still can’t believe this thing is real haha.

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I’m so jazzed about the possibilities here. Not only for things like nifty input devices and control surfaces, but thinking about that expansion bay with raid NVME’s to load sample libraries and sessions lightning fast, or a Dante AV solution with a few RJ45 ports on the back? So much cool stuff that can happen with the 16 as a platform.

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“Jazzed” … I see what you did there :slight_smile:

I started using a Reloop Stand Hub with my setup a couple years ago, and it was a total game-changer. It’s a laptop stand with a 60w PD USB-C hub built into one of the legs, so now I can run all the power I need to the four USB-A ports on the stand, and still free up all the ports on the computer itself (save for that one C-port). The way FW designed these, my brain is spinning with the ideas of all the hardware I can run on stage. That FW16 can’t come soon enough.

Hi @Jeff_S how is your experience so far with music production? Any issues at all? I am considering moving away from MacBook Pro M1, when 120Hz screen is available for shipping.