FW16 Hot swap keyboard


Are the FW16 keyboard and spacers hot swappable?
I have a black keyboard in the centre and black spacers either side and the keyboard back-light are on. When I remove a spacer all the keyboard lights go off and the keyboard stops working. Is this the same for everybody?


I don’t have my FW yet, but from what I’ve heard I’m pretty sure that the components run a circuit between one another. So if you remove one of the spacers the circuit is now open which would cause it to stop working. I hope that helps?

yes, you can hot-swap the input modules

as soon as you reconnect all the (keyboard) spacers, keyboard modules, and the trackpad (trackpad spacers do not seem to affect this) the power will be re-enabled. all the input modules (apart from the blank keyboard spacers) are USB so they should all just work.

the reason you observe them powering off is not because they are wired in series like @Gideon_Fain suggested, but because the motherboard (presumably the embedded controller) will disable power to protect itself (since without all the modules installed the pogo pin connectors are exposed, potentially to external short circuits) by default. i think you can change this behaviour in the uefi settings menu if you desire.