FW16 rapidly loses battery when shut down (but not when suspended)

I have a FW16 running Arch Linux with KDE. Around 18 hours ago, I shut down my laptop at ~60% battery using the “Shut Down” button, and when I turned my computer back on, it was at 2%.

This is really weird, especially as a few weeks ago I did some tests with simply closing the lid rather than shutting down (which I have configured to suspend-and-hibernate since s0idle was horrible) and they only lost ~1% per hour. There’s no reason that hibernation should be using so much less battery than actually shutting down!

As far as I can tell, my computer did indeed properly shut off, as there are no journalctl logs between then and now, and the last few logs before shutdown were the following:

Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd[1]: Reached target System Shutdown.
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd[1]: Reached target Late Shutdown Services.
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd[1]: systemd-poweroff.service: Deactivated successfully.
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd[1]: Finished System Power Off.
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd[1]: Reached target System Power Off.
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd[1]: Shutting down.
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd-shutdown[1]: Syncing filesystems and block devices.
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd-shutdown[1]: Sending SIGTERM to remaining processes...
Jun 09 23:31:56 iceland systemd-journald[388]: Journal stopped

Perusing my journalctl, I do see a ton of kwin_core: parsing edid failed errors from kwin_x11 (and many other varied errors) but I can’t presume that those are related.

I did see some old reports that KDE GUI buttons didn’t work, like here, High battery discharge rate during suspend / when lid closed KDE - #3 by Oliver_Jensen, but I’m not sure if it’s related. My journal has entries like Jun 09 23:31:53 iceland dbus-broker-launch[743]: Activation request for 'org.freedesktop.UPower' failed. but again it seems to have successfully shut off?

I’m really not sure what’s going on here. I have 2 USB-C ports, 3 USB-A ports, a headphone jack, and no graphics card installed as modules. I turned off Bluetooth as well in case that was an issue, but it seems like it wasn’t.

I do notice that after I shut down, the power button still stays on for a bit - is that a sign of something?


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That does sound really weird. Might be a one-time thing?

If not, the first line of defense would be this. It fixes a lot of Framework glitches.

If that doesn’t solve it, I’d suggest contacting support. No doubt they have troubleshooting techniques that I’m not aware of.

Thanks! While I do that and report back, you’ve reminded me of another issue which has to be related: when I click the “restart” button, it doesn’t restart at all and goes into the state where the power button is lit up as I mentioned above, and I have to hold the power button to fix it. Maybe it truly is having issues with properly shutting down?

Edit: Yeah, after doing the above steps, it’s still doing the weird reboot, both through KDE and using the command-line reboot. The numpad lights are remaining on as well, and even turning on my keyboard lights with Fn+Space is responsive.

Hmm, interesting, it looks like my laptop is rebooting properly when using the kernel linux rather than linux-lts (which I’d been using due to touchpad issues a while back). I’ll uninstall linux-lts and see if that also helps the shutdown battery drain issue.


Yup, indeed after switching to the newest linux kernel (now that the touchpad issue seems to have been resolved), my laptop only lost 0-1% after shutting down for 24 hours. Hopefully this thread will help others who may have similar issues on older Linus kernels.

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