Building 2280 SSD cooler into unused 2230 slot

My NVME SSD config is this:
2280: Samsung 990 pro 2 TB
2230: empty

When puting the 2280 SSD into my FW16 i did realise that it came with a cooling pad underneath the 2230 slot pre installed for cooling the 2230.
That gave me the idea to build a copper spacer using a CNC mill and put another cooling pad on top of it to mount that into the 2230 slot instead of an SSD for better cooling of the underside of my 2280 SSD.

The 990pro is single sided but has sheet of copper on its underside for heat reduction to prevent thermal throtteling.

Of course that spacer would not get inserted into the 2230 NVME connector, which would create a short circuit and would damage the motherboard! It would just sit sandwiched between two cooling pads and connect the underside of the 2280 SSD with the bottom frame of the FW16. It can be designed to use the 2230 mounting screw to hold it more tight.

What do you think about this idea?
If you would like to contribute any thoughts, ideas or concerns to this project, you’re verry wellcome to do so.

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  1. Do you have a thermal padon top to dump the heat into the midplate?
  2. Have you checked the temperature under normal usage? I hardly get 50°C and have no need for more cooling

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No problem, I ran into the same issue. Now everything works fine

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