Framework 13 AMD wifi stopped working

Ive had my FW13 AMD since Dec 2023, been using Windows 10 with no problems. I was using it this weekend to play Total War Rome 2 for the first time, I shut it down last night and now it doesnt detect any wifi networks.

Not sure what to do.

Hopefully someone can provide some help.


Updated to a recent March 4th BIOS update. Things are working just fine again.

Windows 10 isn’t a supported OS. You need to update to Windows 11.

Windows 11 is practically identical to Windows 10 under the hood. If it worked with Windows 10 before, it should continue to do so, unless Microsoft makes a major change to that OS.

@Joe_C, to narrow down the problem, I would suggest you try booting from an Ubuntu “live USB” image (instructions for using it are here) and see if the wifi card works in that OS. If Ubuntu can detect the card, that should let you identify whether it’s a software problem or a hardware one.

If the wifi works with the Ubuntu image, then the problem is in your Windows install somewhere, and reinstalling the wifi driver would be a good next step. It it doesn’t, then the problem is in the hardware, and you might try re-seating the wifi card or checking the antenna wires.

(If Ubuntu doesn’t detect the wifi card at all, you might try the “shotgun approach” and attempt the software and hardware steps outlined above anyway.)

If all else fails, I’d suggest contacting Framework’s support team. They probably have a better idea of all the things that can go wrong than I would.

This isnt good advice at all. Windows 10 works just fine.

Thank you, but I figured it out.

I updated my BIOS to the recent update.

:tada: :laughing:
Glad to hear it!