[RESPONDED] Ethernet Expansion Card Not Functioning Out Of Box

12th Gen
Windows 10 Pro

Good Afternoon,
Hi my name is Tyler I recently purchased a framework laptop and was really excited to dig into it. I just received it today and I can not get the ethernet adapter working and I would love to apply this laptop in my job.

I’ve made it into windows 10 so I was able to run the network trouble shooter to try and resolve any issues it had to no avail. I don’t yet have the Wi-Fi module either so I’m a little stumped as to trying to connect the laptop to my network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I hope I followed the community guidelines and rules.

Thank You.


The 12th gen is not supported on Windows 10, so I am not sure how well your setup will work.

Lets hope someone else can chime in and help you!

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This is correct. The Ethernet Expansion Card is missing the drivers as there is no Windows 10 Driver Bundle for 12th Gen Intel Core Framework Laptops. We only officially support Windows 11/Linux on 12th Gen Intel Core. You will need to update to Windows 11 for official support and install the corresponding Framework Driver Bundle.

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Okay thanks to the both of you for the information I’m gonna give it a go right now hopefully the software for my job will work on windows 11 never tried it before.

With windows 11 the laptop is now fully functional but unfortunately does not work with 1 of my work applications that requires windows 10.

Once again thank you for the snappy reply and great customer support.