Geekbench score for 12th gen seems to be missing

Looking at the Geekbench 5 CPU scores for multi-core and single core, it seems like the 12th gen scores are not indexed yet. Does anyone know how often Geekbench refreshes their search indexes?

If anyone has their hands on a 12th gen Framework system, please post a link to your score here. Would be interesting to see what kind of spread / distribution we get with the scores.

I finally got around to running some benchmarks on my 1260P. Here are my results (compared vs my old Ryzen 4800H laptop and my desktop workstation): Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel Core) vs MECHREVO Code 01 Series PF5NU1G - Geekbench Browser

Framework 1260P Code 01 4800H 5950X DIY Desktop
Single-Core 1921 1261 1771
Multi-Core 9658 7738 18178

Maybe also of interest, plugged vs unplugged performance OOTB (w/o thermald, tlp, auto-cpufreq enabled) numbers on Arch 5.18.16:

Framework 1260P plugged in Framework 1260P unplugged
Single-Core 1921 932
Multi-Core 9658 6816

I also ran Passmark:

Framework 1260P Code 01 4800H 5950X DIY Desktop
CPU Mark 19991 20718 47596
Memory Mark 3495 3113 3679

Here’s the average CPU Mark for these CPUs:

Intel Core i7-1260P AMD Ryzen 7 4800H AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
CPU Mark 17206 18972 45856