Gemini Protocol: Your Tales From the Smolweb

Gemini is a new web protocol designed for uncluttered text based websites and user privacy. It is a reaction to the worsening experience of the legacy web and as such bound to appeal to users of the Framework.

The genius is that whilst it might be simple, the protocol uses modern technologies to create something powerful and flexible. HTML is replaced with a simple “markdown” text. Everything is encrypted, and on capsules that allow user accounts, cookies are replaced by certificates.

To pique your interest, here are three Gemini pages on the subject of Framework found with a quick search. These links will not open in your normal browser because you will need a Gemini “client” to visit the “capsules”, as Gemini websites are called.

  • Laptop reviews:
  • Running OpenBSD

Who is already running Gemini? What are your favourite links? Do you have your own content or are you using repurposed Framework motherboards as Gemini servers or something like that? This thread is the place to share your tales and thoughts.