Gen 11 freezing when sitting overnight powered up

All of my Framework computers (3) stay on 24/7/365. They are all set up to not suspend. One of my Gen 11 laptops has started to play silly sam on me . This started about 3 days ago. I will open up the laptop after a lengthy time (several hours) of it just sitting with the lid closed and see a blank screen. Power is on, the computer is unresponsive. I have to turn the computer off by pressing the power button for a few seconds.
While it is probably too early to call it a trend, there have been several situations where I had to turn the power off twice in order for the computer to come back to life.
The computer is set up to middle speed and I have made sure that the cooling slots are not obstructed in any way.
Any suggestions ?

I’m the resident Linux guy, so if these are running Linux I would be happy to help here. If they’re running Windows, I’d open a support ticket.

Thanks for replying Matt. My laptops run Ubuntu 22.04.
I have not had a failure since posting (of course) … I will keep an eye on things and see what develops. I was thinking that maybe the issue was something other people had encountered and I was hoping to get some input from people that encountered this problem.

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Totally get it, no problem. If it happens again, please let us know. Also, try checking your journal after reboot, see if anything pops up?