Framework freezes on hibernation/plugging in power

Recently i got a framework laptop, and everything about it works great, but for some reason every time the laptop tries to go into hibernation, either automatically manually, the screen will go dark and the laptop will locks up. Everything will be off, but the power light that encompasses the power button will be on, and the laptop will continue to draw power until the battery dies.

In addition, when ‘woken’ from this hibernation, (through holding down and shutting off the power button for roughly 8 seconds) the laptop proceeds to either completely freeze or just outright blue screen with a generic error code as soon as the operating system loads. After said blue screen is it possible to trigger another lockup by either connecting or disconnecting USB-C power to the device. i am able to consistently replicate this issue on my end.

When the crash occurs, the status lights on the side of the laptop pulse, 10 times green, a couple times blue, then a couple times orange.

Ive found this issue (Unable to wake from sleep) that seems to be very similar to my situation, but does not include the immediate crashing after restart

I’m currently running Windows 11, on framework 12th generation. Has anyone else had this issue? Thank you

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I used to try hibernating on mine as well, and it bluescreened just about every time on startup. I don’t recall having the issues you mentioned involving the lights or power cords, though. Also on Windows 11 on 12th gen i5.

Could it be a BIOS-related thing? I see non-framework forum posts that suggest turning off Fast Boot.

Personally, I’ve settled with just using Sleep and full shutdown, but I’d appreciate Hibernate working since it draws pretty much no power and works like Sleep for me. A useful tip for people who want that functionality might be to actually consider using Windows’ “Startup Apps” feature, such that all your commonly used applications launch on startup. I normally disable them for speed (and since I don’t use the same apps on every boot), but it’s valid.