Geoblocking of EU consumers

Prove me wrong, but these articles just points out FW is clearly wrong with their statements selling on EU market. I will mention @nrp , as all the non-funded responses are making FW position worse when solving my warranty claim.

Mods, before you block me again, please do escalate issue to appropriate authorities within company.

The new rules apply to companies based within EU member states, as well as those outside the EU selling to EU customers—including many in the U.S. Frustratingly for many EU web users, online content is already being geo-blocked by companies who want to avoid complying with the recent GDPR legislation.

There is no difference between customers anywhere in the EU

While you are free to define your general terms and conditions of sale, including limitations on delivery, all your customers based in the EU must have the same access to goods as your local customers.

If you offer a special price, promotion or sales conditions, these should be accessible to all your customers irrespective of which EU country they are located in, their nationality, place of residence or business location.

The rules apply to online and offline transactions as long as the sales are to the end user (an individual or business that doesn’t have the intention to re-sell, transform, process, rent or subcontract their purchases).

I hope this makes it more clear to you.

Edit: To make it even more specific:
It’s fine for a company not to sell their products in every country of the EU. But if they do sell in the EU, all countries must have the same conditions and have access to the same products a company sells.

This is not my point nor demands. My point is, for internal EU market (I know, statements on the edge of freshly applied community rules)

  • The sale of goods without physical delivery

Example: A Belgian customer wishes to buy a refrigerator and finds the best deal on a German website. The customer will be entitled to order the product and collect it at the trader’s premises or organise delivery himself to his home.

You still don’t get it.

The links you provide mean:
The company is not allowed to geo-block the (for example german) webshop for you.

However, as I linked above, a company is free to create the Terms and Conditions it needs.

The only thing that is important is that

  1. Everybody in the EU has the same Terms and Conditions and
  2. The company does not block the (for example german) webshop for (for example spansih) consumers.

Now to your specific case:

  1. You were able to visit the webshop that german people use and you were able to even buy it.
  2. The Terms and Conditions of Framework are equal in whole Europe. No law broken here as well.

By ordering from Framework, you agree to their Terms and Conditions. This means, you accept that their support is limited.

I am not lawyer though. If you still want to proceed, it’s best to activate a lawyer and stop spamming this forum with this.

Also, please read this quote from your linked website:

There are also justified reasons for traders not to sell cross-border. Such as the need to register at a tax authority in the country of destination, higher shipping costs or costs arising from the application of foreign consumer law. While outside barriers create additional complications and extra costs for the trader, differences in the treatment of customers are based on objective criteria.


If you consider at as spamming, then block it.

There is last quoatation from handbook for noobies

Example: A Belgian customer wants to buy a camera and finds the best deal on a German website, which however only offers delivery/pick-up points in Germany or collection at the trader’s premises. The customer is entitled to order the goods and collect them at the trader’s premises or have them delivered to another address/pick-up points in Germany, just like any German consumer.

ToS cannot deny basic rights. This was my last attempt to notify FW publicly, as they do not communicate with me via email. I wanted to give them chance to handle situation and in that case I was willing to take down my ECC dispute.

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First, please read my edit.

Again, you made a mistake here. It’s speaking about Belgian customers being allowed to use german addresses/pickup points, not to send their goods to Belgium.

It just reinforces my point that the services have the same Terms and Conditions for every european country, but that doesn’t mean a company has to sell/deliver into each country.

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OK @Kamil_Hanus

I’m in the UK no longer a member of the EU to trade can be more complicated, but what exactly is your problem.

You seem to have created a topic due to some problem you have, please don’t expect any reader of this to read all the legislation you think is relevant nor any other posts on other topics.

Can you state clearly in one sentence what your problem is?

Escalate what, you seem to want to discuss EU regulations with a US company, this is not the place. This is a forum for users to ask for and offer help.

What do you want us as users to do, how could any of us respond to such demands.

Hopefully you have properly contacted Framework and received a reply, that it may not be to your liking is one thing, dumping it on the forum seems not just unnecessary but rude verging on really unpleasant if you go on and on.

So this is all about you and your interpretation of law, don’t expect this to be easy and be prepared not to just have you posts blocked but your account removed maybe. You are stirring up your personal views and voicing them, you must be very upset, about what ??

UPDATE: As this topic is closed, take my questions as rhetorical. They don’t require an answer. I was trying to give you an opportunity to simplify your problem.

Hope you manage to find some official legal advice where you reside, this is not in any way a practical or sensible palce to discuss such

All the best


As Anachron has already pointed out, and your OWN experience has shown, this is entirely true and NOT prevented by Framework. The issue you are having and the very reason the forums forbid discussion of it now, is that outside of the official areas that Framework sells to, there is no support, and none can be legally provided. Your own country’s laws and tax regulations are to blame.

Please stop spamming the forum trying to make a claim that is not true. I’m permitting this thread but locking it as it can be pointed to for a reminder on why you should follow Framework’s guidance on the matter to begin with.