Buying without shipping and with card from another country

I know that this similar question was asked for a gazillion times but I want to make sure that my thinking and scenario is correct and ok to do.

I’m in EU and I go for a vacation to Germany (maybe to some relative or something).
Then I order FW laptop and receive it in Germany.
I pay German VAT and I pay for it using my own EU-based card which is not German (for instance Revolut allows to have this card and I think that you won’t get German IBANs).
I receive the laptop to the address of my stay but I put my own name on the receival of the parcel.
And the most important detail: no third parties are involved. No shippers for money or similar.

Is this scenario ok? Will the warranty be there (for now it doesn’t matter whether I’ll ever service the laptop)?

Also mods please don’t comment unless you actually know things. There are some of you that push opinions based on feelings without basing them on facts and I don’t appreciate this.
I understand that you want to help by controlling the feelings in this forum but this is not what I expect from this post.

You will not be able to get the laptop. Below is a quote from @TheTwistgibber. Just stop trying to circumvent rules. It ain’t worth it.

“The warranty resides with the person the product was shipped to, in a supported country. If a payment method or billing information is for an unsupported country, let’s say Greece, that means that bogus information was entered on our website to bypass the blocks we have in place as a Greek payment method with true billing information would not allow the order to proceed.”

And the mods aren’t pushing opinions based on feelings. It is purely based on a policy that you are well aware of. You are welcome to participate on the forum but I warn you, continued inquiries in this vein are likely to result in getting your account/profile banned.


So long as you are using payment information from a supported country and it is being delivered to a legitimate (non forwarding, holding service, or P.O. Box) address in a supported country, it is a valid purchase but the warranty resides in the supported country. Should you need support, you would need to receive it via a legitimate (non forwarding, holding service, or P.O. Box) address in a supported country. This address would need to be used for reverse logistics to return the defective part and as the delivery address for the replacement part.

This is because Framework is not authorized to ship anything, including warranty replacement parts, to countries not on the officially supported region list here: What countries and regions do you ship to?.

If your payment information is from an unsupported country (or you entered invalid billing information that does not match the billing information on the actual payment method in order to get around the region restrictions at checkout) your order will be subject to cancellation/refund and your payment method will be subject to blacklist. The same goes in you attempt to ship it to a freight forwarder, package holding service, or P.O. box.

This is not “pushing opinions based on feelings”, this is Framework’s policy as it has been explained to the volunteer moderators (and the community, like @GhostLegion referred to above) many times by the Framework team, who we are in constant communication with. For more information, see the Framework Terms of Sale and Limited Warranty documentation.


Well hopefully you have answers to your query, so I am responding to your others demands.

  • apart form being rude ? :speak_no_evil:

  • Mods are not the only people that will comment.

  • All people that say they know something are most often reiterating what they have heard. You are asking on a public forum, if you wanted an answer that was more direct and less of an opinion then you could have contacted and not asked on a public form and then ask the public not to express their opinions on the basis that it also may be ‘a feeling’

  • In such a case as your query people, users, will answer with their opinions from having read posts on the forum, not experience, nor feelings.

I’m not sure what you expect, but what you get is informed opinions.

So as mention. Of course anyone can buy from a supported country and give you the laptop, but they are the registered owners and will have to deal with support.

If you want to pretend to be a resident of a supported country to buy then you will have to continue the pretence if you want support.

Understandable but sounds a bit desperate and flakey.


Since we’re being direct here…

And yet, here we are.

The most authoritative party for this question is Framework, not the forum.


As there was a call for an “official” response, I’ll be that authority. @Martynas, the information provided by our Mods and other Community members is indeed correct. The restrictions are set by Framework based on the real datapoints and international status, not based on feelings or bias. We are not a global brand currently and we have to play by the rules that exist. We are a United States company/entity that is currently operating internationally on a country by country basis based on the authority that we have gained, legally, by applying through lengthy processes established by each country we enter for international businesses. We currently do not have an EU entity (and only have an office in Taiwan for our team out there dedicated to hardware and manufacturing), so we are not granted the same privileges that an EU-Member State-registered business receives.

If individuals have problems with this, we’re sorry, but we aren’t the brand or laptop for you right now. We will not facilitate any actions that could affect our legal status, cause fines or negative tax implications, or cause issues properly entering additional countries in the future. Should this change, or should we establish additional international entities that would allow us more flexibility to loosen restrictions for payment/billing methods/shipping, we’ll let the Community know.

With that, this topic is now closed.