Great news for unsupported EU countries - Updates to EU availability

As I live in an unsupported country , I sometimes open the site just to see if I’m finally allowed to order one. It seems that there was a silent policy change and we are.

We haven’t opened shipping to Bulgaria yet, but you can select and order in one of the EU countries we currently ship to: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. You’ll need to handle further shipping from there. Note that VAT, warranty service, and returns will all need to be handled in the shipping country. More details on forwarding within the EU are available here.

However, there was no e-mail , no blog post or anything in the forum about this.
Given the policy change, please also allow discussion of freight forwarding within the EU.


Already done.


Looks like they created the information page 6 days ago on November 14 2023.

And they even mention using 3rd-party freight forwarding companies.

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Also mentioned in the Announcing Framework Outlet thread.

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I knew this great news a bit earlier on a Framework Reddit thread. You can understand a bit more context there. Thank you for your generous choice, Framework!

I postponed publicly sharing this news until Framework would share by their media article. Now Framework shared the news on a thread on this forum, their blog and newsletter email. So, it’s safe to share the news here too.

I hope that we can utilize this new availability smoothly. I am afraid that if Framework sees more challenges by enabling the shipping forward services from the supported EU country to an unsupported EU country, the Framework will forbid the availability again.

So, what can we help for smooth operation? I live in the Czech Republic, and I plan to use this new operation probably in January 2024. And I may create a step-by-step guide document for this for smooth operation.

So far, in my little experience, there are tips for shipping from a supported EU country to an unsupported EU country below.

Framework warehouse (currently in Taiwan) A => FedEx => a supported EU country B where a shipping forward service and the warehouse is located => a shipping company => your living country C

First, you can select a shipping company from B to C on a shipping forward service. My recommendation is to select the shipping company, DHL. Because in my experience, the DHL’s service is great. I didn’t need to do some work for the customs office manually such as printing the document to paper signing manually, and scanning the paper to PDF manually. What I did was just to input the necessary info on DHL’s web system.

Second, after Framework starts to use its partner Fedex’s warehouse in the Netherlands for delivery to the supported countries in the EU in the future, perhaps, your work for shipping may be easier if you select a shipping forward service located in the Netherlands. Because the route from the Framework’s warehouse (A) to the shipping forward company’s warehouse (B) can be a domestic delivery rather than an international delivery. I suppose it is simple. But I am not sure about it.

I hope everyone has a smooth delivery experience!


Great to see and huge for the greater EU market! I hope to see the keyboard offerings expand significantly as well in response to this.

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I renamed this thread’s title from “Great news for unsupported EU countries” to “Great news for unsupported EU countries - Updates to EU availability”. I hope you like it. The “Updates to EU availability” is the sub-title of this topic on their blog.

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Yep, I already completed my AMD mainboard pre-order, that was sitting and waiting blacklisted for a month. Today it is already at the forwarder and was placed in a hardened container just in case. Should arrive in Bulgaria in a week. :slight_smile: As junaruga said, the policy change is from a week ago and today is announced officially along with the outlet in its blog post.


@Bundyo : what freight forwarding service do you use for Bulgaria ? And how did you get them to place it in a hardened container ?

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GGBG. They offer a VIP Extra service (additional 10 EUR) that includes the container when you ask for it in the comments. Keep in mind, that you need to request the service after you received the tracking code (since you need to enter it in their form), but before they receive the package. I guess there are other freight forwarders that offer such services, but I’m using this one for a while and I’m happy with it.

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There is still the issue of a valid payment method