"Getting started" Info for the naked Mainboard?

Hi there,

i have the

  • naked i5 Mainboard (laying naked on the desk)
  • SSD: Crucial P2 CT1000P2SSD8 1TB
  • RAM Crucial RAM CT8G4SFRA266 8GB DDR4 2666MHz CL19

When i connect one of my two 60W USB-PD Power supplies a LED blinks red at the right and lift side… So i found out in in internet that when the case is open this should happen…

But until now i have the case not printed. And i tought i should work for an 1st try without case. And im not shure if the board likes the 2666 MHz RAM ?

Is there an official starting point for the docu and researches ?
(In the GitHub is not much information…

What do you want to achieve?

Thanks, then i wait for the Power supply!

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It should be OK provided it’s not XMP RAM, i.e. it doesn’t achieve 2666 MHz using XMP.

The 100W requirement is not in place anymore, Ive booted mine off a 60W with no battery no problem


I’ve seen posts indicating that this is BIOS version dependent. I didn’t find a post to reference just now but I’m pretty sure I read that running 3.0.7 or newer releases should work.


can confirm, if the BIOS is 3.07 or newer, which all bare mainboards sold/distributed should be running, you only need the 60W adapter. It may not be a bad idea to get a 100W supply to check if you somehow got a board with the 3.06 BIOS. Otherwise, I would check the RAM to make sure that it isn’t causing problems with XMP, but I run 2666 sticks in my laptop and haven’t had any problems.

I will also say that it might help to contact support and see if they have any recommendations for a starting point or other precautions before using the board without a case.


Hi Martin, note that the board should still be bootable with the warning LEDs blinking. You can also tape down the detect switch lightly with masking tape until you have a case printed. There is a small power button on the board in the top right corner that you can power it on with.


I created a new topic with everything I learned so far: Getting started guide with a bare motherboard
Maybe this might help out other people.
Please be also sure to comment if I got something wrong :slight_smile:


@nmaas87 Thank a lot for this infos. (My idea was that i will collect this infos an create an artikle like this if it not exists. But you have been faster.

@All i thought that the case-open-detection switch i the power switch and so i didnt search longer for the real power switch…

Next step for me i try booting, and getting a I/O possibility…

Actually i have no (W)-LAN, and no video output.

Video: (As expected) i see no output on the HDMI output of my USB-C Hub if found in my drawer…
(W-LAN): I have to think about and searching in the drawer…

(I think best way would be to fill the SSD on another computer and make it bootable. Or does somebody know a cheap solution for graphics output to an normal monitor maybe inclusive access to the bios before system is booted)

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Most welcome, I have also missed such an article and should have compiled this info earlier. It did not came to my mind because my motherboard was dead on arrival and I am not yet as far that I had any luck booting it, waiting for the replacement to arrive :). And I would like to add all necessary stuff to the article as problems / solutions arise - so that other makers will have an easier time :slight_smile:

Sorry, One more question, should i get BIOS like output when the system is OK, and only the SSD is empty ?

1 red (no batt => shure!
2 g= green
3 g
4 g
5 g
6 g
7 red (shure: no Audio board Detected )
8 g
9 g
10 g
11 g (RAM is OK i think…)
12 red OK/ Or not when a USB Graphic should be connected ? Internal display initialized OK

Orange (I dont know what that bits should tell me)
b =blue
g = green

Yes @Martin_Neuby you should see a dialog on your screen among something like “not bootable, chose a bootable device”. And if you enter F2 during boot, it should bring you into the BIOS. I actually tried a simple (“dumb/Aliexpress”) USB-C to Displayport connector with another Displayport to HDMI converter and that setup did not work. Shortening it down to just the cheap Aliexpress converter directly connected to a Displayport cable (and monitor) worked.

Does the Fan spin? Then it should be basically on (I think, please correct me if I am wrong, but your POST says it should be on and should be ok I think)

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Thank you @nmaas87 : The board is now running with both: an 60 or 100W Powersupply.

The Fan spins and i can e.g. boot and use unraid. Befor booting the POST LEDs are still blinking befor booting.

My Problem: Up to now i can’t exactly say what was the problem. I have a new USB-C to Display cable instead of the USB-C Hub with HDMI Connector, but this device also works in most cases…
(And im using the same RAM thats not on the compatibility list, and the same NVMe …)

So thank you very much for your feedbacks. Firstly now i go to an longer trip and after this i will see what this device is helpful for.

What i know today is: I really dont like this case: Mainboard/Mechanical/Printable Case at main · FrameworkComputer/Mainboard · GitHub

It is really wobbly, and i have to print the connect pin bigger, may then it a little less worse…

I have to think about, if i want to print this an put it all maybe in a 19" 1HE Pizzabox…

Thanks to everybody!