Giving back to Framework?

Greetings all, a bit of a weird post here, but I’ve wanted to know how can I give back to Framework for the amazing work they’ve done. I want to do something more meaningful than just buying a device (which I’m gonna buy the Framework 16 when it comes out), or donating money/investing in the company.

I would love to apply for one of the job positions but I don’t have the required experience nor education yet to qualify. Maybe doing brutally honest review videos on YouTube is something I can do?

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!


Their mechanise selection is a bit poor and they should probably license out to more third parties that are linked in their marketplace. More T-Shirts, hats, bags etc. Probably a distraction for framework to make and sell the items directly but if they use the logos and branding they’ve already developed and come up with a small license fee it’s direct income and marketing for them.

For example Dbrand have a couple of cool laptop skins but I don’t see many stickers based on frameworks marketing materials and I don’t see a link on the marketplace. I’ve been trying to find an official marketing materials section on Frameworks website to make some custom wallpapers and that but there doesn’t seem to be one.

Like this kind of thing:


Framework could easily come up with a custom windows theme and sell it for a few bucks as a fundraising effort too. A lot of people are willing to give framework money as long as they get a little bit back. This kind of thing helps framework users stand out too even when sharing screen remotely and such.

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@WiseNoodle TBH, seeing the community support and encouraging comments like this gives us energy to keep going forward :smiley: :call_me_hand: Thank you