Glitched Out Boot Screen During BIOS Update

I ran the bios update exactly as it was told on the bios update page for my fw16 and this is what happened halfway through idk what to do. I know if i jsut shut it down i might break something

Hi @Imaginewagons2233,

That is an interesting screen. Did the system restart after updating the BIOS or was this the restart to update the BIOS?

If you have left it on that screen for at least an hour or more there is nothing more that would be done in the background?

I would say it is safe to completely power off the machine (hold the power button down until it turns off completely, might take 15 seconds or more) Wait about 10 seconds and then try pressing the power button once.

Hopefully you had the power plugged in when it was updating the bios or the battery was at least 70% full.

If that screen keeps appearing but the system boots normally then the display image got corrupted when it was flashing the BIOS and other than cosmetically it would be functioning fine. You can change the setting in the BIOS to turn off the boot screen and it will show the text output like most regular computers. You might try disabling the “quick boot” feature too that runs a full POST upon startup. If you have a lot of memory it; the memory test takes a while to count up. Let us know what turns out. Thanks for the picture of what is going on.

Thanks for the detailed response! I ended up just waiting out the battery and when i restrted it the bios finished updating so i guess somehow it froze so that was a stressful few hours haha but it works now!

Unfortunately not all the keys on my keyboard work so thats a whole pther problem