[RESPONDED] Radio Silence From support@frame.work

I submitted a ticket for a broken screen on my Framework 13 AMD DIY Kit, and after a bit of back forth with support which are all quick responses it was concluded that a replacement display kit and bezel were needed.

I was told that a member of staff from the RMA and Repair team would be in touch soon but that was 4 days ago which is significantly longer than the previous responses.

Is this a normal amount of time to wait? And if so how much longer should I expect to wait for a responce?

From my experience it takes a couple business days. As it has been over the weekend, it only has been two business days, so it does not seem particularly late to me.


Hey Grorman, it takes couple of business days for part replacement team to get back to you, please do not send additional replies, it does not expedite the process. Thanks for your patience!

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