Has anyone gotten Windows Sandbox to work?

I’m running Windows 11 Pro on a 12th Gen i7-1280P laptop I received a few weeks ago. When I enable Windows Sandbox in add/remove features and reboot, Windows will freeze within a few seconds of showing the login screen. I have to boot into safe mode turn the Windows Sandbox feature back off get things working again.

Just curious if anyone has gotten that feature to work on a Framework laptop? I looked through bios and virtualization was enabled on shipment, and I didn’t see anything else that seemed like it would be required. I am curious if that feature has some requirement that the 12th Gen i7-1280P doesn’t meet.

Spent a few hours troubleshooting this so far. Just looking for a sanity check to know if anyone else has gotten this to work successfully before I keep pushing forward trying to figure this out.

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Windows sanbox is kinda finicky in general tbh. Even on a first party Microsoft product it sometimes hard resets my entire Surface. On my main rig it doesn’t even want to start with virtualization settings all perfect in the bios.

What you can do in the meanwhile is just create a virtualbox, vmware, … machine and snapshot the first install that gives kinda the same functionality windows sandbox has without the creature comforts.

The Windows Sandbox works for me with a Batch 3 Framework running Windows 10 Pro on an 11th Gen i7 CPU. Version 3.07 of the BIOS.

I don’t really use it, but I enabled it when I first set up the computer, and I just tested it now and it still works.