[SOLVED] Can the Framework laptop 12th or 11th gen run windows 7

I am considering a new laptop to buy and this is probably gonna be the one I get. just I want to know if it can run windows 7 I have always loved the os and I don’t care about security otherwise id use linux. i would just like to know if it can rou windows 7 if not ill just get windows 10 on it but it would be nice if it did.

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I would definitely not advise using the 12th gen due to the weird task scheduling!

The 11th gen Framework should work though! Although I haven’t tried.

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Might I suggest running Linux as host with Windows 7 in a VM? That would at least mitigate some of the security issues. Or Qubes as the host.

Short answer, no. 12th Gen Intel Core Framework Laptops have hardware that is only officially supported in Windows 11 (for Windows OS).