Consistent System Crashing/Freezing

I got my Framework laptop at the beginning of this month. I put it together myself and everything started off great. But after a little bit of usage the system started to crash and freeze constantly during light usage. I am running Windows 11 and have reinstalled the OS multiple times. I am worried there is something wrong with the hardware. I initially got a Samsung 2TB drive but have since replaced it with a 2TB WD black drive. I am also running DDR4-2666 32GB RAM Ripjaws. Is there anything wrong with the components I chose? Should I run Windows 10 instead? Could it be a bad board?

Sorry to hear that you are having issues. Have you run memtest on the system? I’d start there, and if it passes, dig into the event viewer to see if there is anything notable.

Can you include some details like which Gen (11 or 12), the Batch and CPU Model. For myself, I’m sticking with Windows 10 as long as I can as IMHO it is battle tested nor do I like the increased MS Cloud Integration. My Framework is very stable, and I’ve had it for just over a month or so.

I would not guess that the NVMe would be bad, however, the RAM could be an issue. Do you have two Modules or one? If you have two modules, then take out one of the two 16GB Modules out and run your system for a while with the one. If that works, then switch and see if the other fails.

I have Gen 12 Batch 3 with Intel i5-1240P CPU, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045 with NMVe WD BLACK SN770 1TB and 2x Kingston KVR32S22S8/8 SODIMM 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 Non-ECC CL22 1Rx8. Of course, the Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 is installed as well.

Hope this helps…

I have the same issue on my laptop.
I got mine last week, 12th Gen, 64GB ram, and put Fedora on it and it sometimes freezes, even though I’m just changing settings. =/
Audio will continue in the background but no response from keyboard/mouse. Reboot is the only thing that solves it.