[RESPONDED] HDMI not working after reboot

I have a monitor connected with my framework by HDMI, and it works fine when I plug in the HDMI cable. But if I reboot the computer with the HDMI cable still plugged in, the computer doesn’t detect my screen. I then have to unplug and re-plug it again (every time I reboot, which, of course, gets annoying pretty quickly). Has anyone else run into a similar issue/figured out how to solve this?

I’m running on (Arch) Linux (with i3wm in case that’s relevant).

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I have the same problem on both OSs of my dual boot Windows and Manjaro.

Same problem. HDMI doesn’t work on boot and in BIOS

Happy to help. How is it connected to HDMI? If through a dock or HDMI expansion card?

In my case, it’s connected through the HDMI expansion card that I ordered together with laptop.

Thanks for clarifying. Does this behavior happen in multiple expansion slots? Also (forgive me if I already asked this, busy Monday), have we tested to see if this works on another distro? Worth running a Live Fedora ISO for example.

If additional distros have similar experiences, it may be a bad card. If they do not however, then it may be worth testing another distro further as it could be related to the packages installed, kernel, etc.

My troubleshooting flow for stuff like this is as follows:

  • Tested all slots, same result.
  • Tested a live USB of another unrelated distro, if it works, note the kernel and the package versions if possible.

Officially supported are Ubuntu and Fedora, GNOME desktop, as that is what we test with. I’d start there.

Even though this feels like a power issue with how Arch is interacting with the card, I’d start with the suggestions above as it will allow us to determine if this is software/OS or hardware.