Headphone Jack - OTMP or CTIA

Hi Everyone,

I am building a custom audio interface cable and was wondering if anyone knows if the headphone jack pinout on the Framework Laptop is OTMP (TRRS sleeve is ground), CTIA (TRRS sleeve is mic), or if this be detected/configured.

I believe this should be the same for all Framework laptops, but I am using an i7-1165G7 DIY laptop running Fedora 36.

Not sure what the answer to your question is, testing with a Samsung wired headset, and an Apple wired headset indicated both worked, for recording and playback.

I don’t believe Framework has ever reported this information publicly, so it would probably be best to send a message to support to get an answer on this. If you do, leave a response in this thread so that other people in the future can find the answer easier!


If you have a double ended headphone cable you can check the resistance between the L/R channels and the ground which should be very low.


Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I agree with @Usernames this looks like CTIA. I did some probing last night and found continuity between the second ring and a case screw looking for ground.

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Almost all modern devices use CTIA.