Help from community to help translating site 🇫🇷

Hello There

(batch 7 AMD so still waiting my package to arrive)

I noticed in some places translation on the corporate site or in the KB section was not done or correct.
Do you accept some help to translate / fix this ?

Things that puzzling me for instance when I browse the site :

  • on “shopping basket” is translated in french in “sac” (bag) where normally is “panier” (basket) on any shopping site :slight_smile:
  • on Des produits, “Système Operateur” should “Système d’exploitation”. :sob:

That would be cool to get something to setup a community based translation tool like


Bonjour @baptistemm!

The English site does use “bag”, which is unusual, so this is a correct translation despite looking odd. It is intentional.

Your other point does seem like a mistranslation.

Indeed, it’s odd :-S

What about my other points, some translations are not that great.