Find Any Incorrect International Translations?

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We have been seeing quite a few comments surrounding some of our translations being incorrect. We definitely want to fix all errors! If you see any incorrect translations, please do let us know under this form or through my email at

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I’m a native german speaker, and “Schiffe Februar” does not sound natural at all.

I found this on the orders page in my profile.

“Schiffen” stands more for peeing than shipping. :smiley:
Shipping February would best be translated to “wird im Februar versendet” or “Versand im Februar”. There isn’t really any shorter version I could think of which sounds as natural.

to be clear: “verschiffen” is a translation for “ship” in fact. Though it wouldn’t sound good in this context.


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I sent you a direct message via the platform here, hopefully you have a moment to check. Thank you!

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The German translations in general are mediocre. They sound machine translated and not very natural. But it’s hard to give concrete examples and honestly it’s not that important. But just a random example: The text explaining that there will be new bezel color options in the future is translated as “In den kommenden Monaten werden wir weitere Farboptionen hinzufügen.”
This sentence is technically not wrong, but “hinzufügen” sounds more like a literal translation of “add” (and somewhat mathematical) and a more natural wording would be something along the lines of “Wir werden in den kommenden Monaten zusätzliche Farboptionen anbieten.”

However some things are just inconsistent, for example when ordering you’re displaying “Batch 8” but speak in the text of “Chargen” instead of batches. Or the display bezels are sometimes translated as “Einfassung” and sometimes as “Blende”.

When checking out, it displays

This should be “Kostenlos bei Kauf eines Framework-Laptops”. (You could say “Kostenloser Versand”, but “Kostenloser” sounds weird on it’s own)


How about sharing the Google Docs or GitHub’s pull-request feature with the translation text to do co-working publicly with the community? Users can comment at the part to fix the translations. You can see the parts to fix easily. Users don’t need to send the duplicated feedback.


On the french /laptop page, the english word marketplace or “boutique” (en ligne) would be used in France in stead of “place de marché”. Maybe in Quebec the more litteral translation would be used, but not in France.

There are some crowd-sourced translation products dedicated to this. or off the top of my head.

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I’m not a Native German speaker, but I do live and work in Germany. I glossed over most of the text during my order as I’ve read the English website a dozen times, but “Schiffe” for “ships” was the most glaring error. I literally cringed when I saw it. Schiffe refers to ships in a harbor, not the act of sending something. For that, Versand/versenden is the more accurate choice.


Clicking on “When will my laptop ship” inside the order confirmation mail leads to a terrible translated 404 error page:

Whoops, das war unerwartet.

Entschuldigung, aber wir konnten die von Ihnen gesuchte Seite nicht finden.
Lass uns dich holen Zuhause, oder benutzen Sie die folgende Suche, um zu finden, was Sie brauchen.

I assume that was “Let’s get you home” in the original English text, but it’s translated as “Let us get you from (your) home” and thus sounds like you would be abducted.

Better translation would be something like

Ups, da ist was schiefgegangen.

Entschuldigen Sie bitte, wir konnten die von Ihnen aufgerufene Seite nicht finden.
Gehen Sie zurück zur Startseite, oder benutzen Sie die folgende Suche, um die gewünschte Seite zu finden.

Of course, ideally, there wouldn’t be an error in the first place.

Okay. I didn’t know that. And I am not familiar with this kind of cloud based translation sites. If it is better to do co-working effectively, why don’t we choose it! Thanks for sharing it.