Help! Is this normal?

Hey folks,
Wondering if it’s normal for the memory modules to have one side flush and the other side a bit bent? I’m terrified I’m doing something wrong!!

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I can’t really tell from the picture, but it looks like the sticker that goes over it was just placed on it off center. I don’t think the slots themselves are actually bent, but it is hard to tell from looking at the picture.

Do both slots of RAM work?

Hi! I realize I was probably unclear. I mean the side metal pieces where you push the memory down into, on the edges. I’m worried those metal pieces should be over top the memory and flush like two of them are.

The metal clamps should indeed snap over the top of your modules. You can try taking the sticks out (by pushing the clamps outwards) and re-instering them, at a circa 45 degree angle.

You can relax a little, by the way – this won’t damage or otherwise mess up your laptop.

Edit: Here’s a nice video showcasing how the insertion should go: How to install Laptop RAM - YouTube

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@volcanicmaggies Just for reference, this is what my memory modules look like fully inserted. I tried to take the picture as flat as possible


Thanks folks, managed to install them right…problem I’m dealing with now is it won’t post! Agh

Ironically not posting is usually an issue with the RAM. Try taking one stick out and booting with only 1 inserted. If that doesn’t work, swap the stick of ram with the one you took and try again.

If it boots, then it is something RAM related.

On the BIOS screen it shows that the RAM is installed properly…my post codes start going funky on the second part (post code bits). I managed to get a USB device recognized, but it still won’t boot. Maybe it has something to do with the iso itself?

Yes, if that is the case it is the media you are trying to boot from. What are you trying to install?

Trying to boot Void from a USB 3. I’ve realized it’s likely something on my end, I’m going to try and see what other installs do.

@volcanicmaggies try disabling secure boot.