Loose/floating metallic piece on arrival

Hi all,

First time poster here. I received my AMD FW13 today and began the process of putting it together.

Just before getting to the RAM installation phase, I saw that there was a free metallic part floating inside the chassis. This part appears to have come off the main board right next to the RAM slot (see photos). There is another similar looking part above. It appears to be bent such that it can’t be seated back in place like the top one is (and clearly there is insufficient adhesive in any case if this part is meant to stay in place.

Curious to know what this part is/what it’s for and whether I need to ensure it is seated properly before continuing with setup (or whether I need to begin the process of contacting support).

Thank you all for your help!

Looks like a little bit of shielding tape that goes over the connector wiring for the expansion card.

It’s there to prevent radio frequency interference.

Sounds useful! Will do my best to get it back in place

Some were loose / missing / incorrectly installed for Batch 1 11th Gen.

You may be able to find some posts about it.