It's alive!

I’ve had a bit of a journey with my Laptop 16 and it’s not quite over yet, but after Support sent me a shiny new mid-plate I now have a mostly functioning laptop.
I’d like to thank Support for being very patient with me when I was frustrated. I look forward to working with you to resolve my RAM slot issue :wink:
This screen is gorgeous…


Awesome. Glad you got it (mostly) working. Do you have one RAM slot that initially wouldn’t boot with a RAM stick inserted? I only ask because there were a few other users with that same situation, but once they got the machine up and running, they tried the other slot again and it was then working as it should.

Not sure how far you’ve gone with testing. Maybe you’ve gone past this point and I’m late to the party (well, it’s a party now that your laptop is working). But I just thought I’d throw it out there. Cheers!

Oh, I’ll give that a try again today then, thanks.

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Yeah, no. It POSTs and boots with either stick in Slot 1, won’t POST with either stick in Slot 0 or with sticks in both slots.

This is a 2x16GB Crucial set, part number CT2K16G56C46S5, which is on the list of validated modules.

Opened a new support ticket, but at least I can use my new shiny with 50% RAM for now :slight_smile:


Support sent me an email detailing how to do a mainboard/BIOS reset by pressing a little button on the mainboard 10 times, but it hasn’t resolved the issue. :frowning:

I am impressed with the support team. The email they sent even had a picture with an arrow pointing at the button I needed to press.

P.S. This is not me complaining, I’m just sharing my experience in case it’s useful to other people. I was in the first pre-order batch so some teething troubles are to be expected, right?