Here's (half of) a printable replacement keyboard switch:

On the first day I had my Framework laptop, I broke one of the keyboard scissor switches. I was trying to rearrange the keys to a Dvorak layout, and I did succeed, but in the process of prying the first key off to reveal the mechanism, I broke one of the two halves of the scissor. I made a thread here, and was told to contact support, but support said that, since they buy the keyboard wholesale, they don’t have access to design files or replacement parts.

I moved the missing key to the right-alt spot and lived with it, but now I’ve finally gotten around to fixing it. After a few iterations, I’ve managed to print a piece which works well enough. It’s by no means perfect, but it seems secure enough not to fall apart, and pressing the key feels practically the same as the intact switches. It’s close enough that I think if it doesn’t work for you, you can fix it with some stretching of the model.

This is the, erm, interior of the two scissor parts. I don’t have the will to model the other one, but I’m guessing that if this is the part of the switch that I broke, it’s likely the part that you broke too. I printed this with an Elegoo Mars 2, which I think is now considered a somewhat low-grade resin printer, and Sunlu standard resin, which I think is considered strong by modeling resin standards, but isn’t supposed to be structural. So if you have a resin printer you should be able to make it work, but it is a very fine part, so I think it would be hopeless with an FDM printer. Oh, one more thing: the modeling software I use is weirdly bad at exporting triangle meshes, so it may behoove you to do an auo-repair on the model.

Here ya go.