[Honeywell PTM7950 Phase Change Thermal Pads/Sheets] Application, Tips, and Results

So I ordered the big size because I’m a dumb American who really ought to be used to doing metric conversions and omg, I’ll never use this all haha.

Granted, I wanted to do my Xbox along with my eGPU but I’m certain to have extra, enough for quite a long time I expect…anyone know the shelf life on this stuff? Pics for reference on what you get when you order.


Did the conversion, 200mm x 160mm is ~7.87 x ~6.30 inches. Busted out the tape measure and oh my that’s a lot :joy:

This page has a lot of information, including the PDFs in the TDS, SDS & Technical documents section.

In this document for Honeywell’s “pad format TIM” on page 2, it says that at room temperature at <65% RH (relative humidity) it has a shelf life of 12 months.

For PTM7950 specifically, here on page 2, with a storage condition of 19-24°C (that’s 66.2-75.2°F for us dumb American folks :melting_face:), <65%RH, it also says it has a shelf life of 12 months:

Directly from Honeywell’s site it also says 12 months in the Specifications tab, and in the Thermal Interface Materials Electronics Brochure in the Resources tab on page 7, it says:

Shelf Life: 12 months (Storage condition on the package for directions)

Though I’m willing to bet those specifications are for precision usage and wouldn’t really matter too much in consumer usage a la our mainboards or your Xbox, because of my anecdata seeing how performance didn’t degrade after 19 months in my Intel i7-1165G7 mainboard. May be best to ask LTT support directly.

oh yeah, I still have my almost 2 year old material from the first post in this thread (from ebuy7 and Alibaba). Been waiting to install it in my AMD 7840U for after I figure out a data gathering procedure. Whenever I get around to installing it, I’ll update, though I don’t have new sheets for comparison. Maybe I’ll purchase from LTT to support them. Or if someone else wants to do it, I’ll ship my aged sheets over for free! :smiley: since I don’t think I’ll be getting to it for a while


Bought mine from an Aliexpress store with a small set for under $5. Used about 25% of the provided amount on my 1260p. I have to say I’m another convert in this group as my laptop is noticeably quieter (didn’t do a before and after temp) even after running a stress test stress --cpu for about an hour.

Link to the store incase anyone wants a cheaper, smaller one:


I bought some off E-bay. Seems genuine enough, but the merchand may have replaced the sticker. Mine says “Period of Validity: 3 years. Production date: 2023.11.25”

I peeled off the sticker, and the one underneath is in Chinese (I think) and mentions a date of 2024.02.15.

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As I understand it, the whole point of this stuff is that its industrially rated, meaning should have a operational life of over 10 years. So that means a shelf life of that minimum, as long as it’s not contaminated.

Google Lens says that’s Production date, FWIW.

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