How can I get rid of Input lag using an Ultrawide Monitor while the lid is closed?

Just hooked up an LG 29" Ultrawide 29WP500 to my DIY laptop.
Resolution is 2560 x 1080, with a max refresh rate of 75. 5ms response time with FreeSync.

I have it connected via an HDMI expansion card now as I thought my external hub was the issue. Still see a good amount of lag while the lid is closed. I changed power settings to do “nothing” while lid is closed.

It seems for a few minutes it’s fine without lag until I go Idle and lag will come back up. Any suggestions?

I wonder if it’s a BIOS / Firmware bug. There seems to be some persistent issues with sleep/suspend, battery consumption, lid open / closed state, fan spin when sleep (workaround for the ‘heat’ issue)… And it looks like Framework is still having two Firmware Engineer roles waiting to be filled.

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Forgot to mention running Windows 10.

If it is BIOS/Firmware related hopefully a fix is out soon…