How do I force my laptop to only use the Discrete GPU

I notice that the colors are extremely flat and washed out when the cpu graphics are being used, if i open/switch to a program that uses the GPU (Like godot, or just a game in general) the laptop’s colors bounce to life and look fantastic. It doesnt appear that there is a specific setting that i can find to force my computer to just use the discrete gpu module. How can i make it only use the discrete GPU?

Right now i can open a program that forces the gpu to be used, and just have it in the background, but its a super lame solution.

Update: I also notice that it only appears the colors are really bad when not plugged into to a power adapter. I check task manager and it is using the 780M, maybe i just need to disable the battery saving measures of the laptop when on battery somehow.

Alternatively, if someone could just help me improve the awful colors with the cpu graphics, i would be happy with that too :smiley:.

I found the setting to change. In power saving settings, there is a setting: Save power by optimizing screen contrast and brightness for the content shown.

With this setting enabled, it just makes everything look horrible, I do not recommend it!

JFYI this is the same thing that was reported in Linux on kernel 6.9.
[SOLVED] Color issues in Linux 6.9 - Framework Laptop 16 / Linux - Framework Community

(Mostly linking here to make connections for people who find this later for either Windows or Linux)

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