Can I switch between integrated gpu and discrete?

Is there a way to switch between the integrated GPU and the discrete one? and if so how would I? I haven’t been able to find anything on this, and it might be beneficial to do so to save power doing low-power activities - if it doesn’t automatically already. Even so, it’d be nice to know how to do it manually if needed.

The device uses AMD Smart Access Graphics to automatically switch between integrated and dedicated depending on if it detects something it thinks will benefit from the discrete GPU.

I think (although am not 100% sure) that the system will automatically use only the integrated GPU when set to “Best power efficiency” in the system’s power settings and the laptop is unplugged.

It is also possible to configure what applications trigger the discrete GPU. Here’s a guide for it from a quick Google search. That was with Windows 10 and an older GPU, but I think the process is the same.

Adding to this - most applications will use the integrated gpu to save power. Only certain apps (mostly just games) use the dGPU. In windows you can set on a per app basis what uses it in power settings somewhere, I don’t remember exactly how. On linux, you can force an app to use the dGPU with the environment variable DRI_PRIME=1.