How do I make kdesu use the fingerprint reader in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed?

OpenSUSE tumbleweed, Framework 16 AMD, KDE.

I’ve recently switched from KDE neon (ubuntu 22.04) to OpenSUSE tumbleweed, and the fingerprint reader requires a lot more fiddling around to get working.

After creating/editing files /etc/pam.d/, I managed to have the fingerprint reader work in the following situations: command line login, sudo, sddm, kde lock screen.

However, I can’t find how to get kdesu to use the fingerprint reader. I know it’s possible, because it worked just fine in KDE neon. Anybody knows where I should look for that? For example a particular file I need to add in /etc/pam.d for kdesu? A setting somewhere?