3 simple steps to get fingerprint scanner working with openSUSE tumbleweed

The laptop is installed with openSUSE tumbleweed version 20220324.

  1. The following packages needs to be installed (at least it works having them installed):
  • libfprint-2-2-1.94.2
  • fprintd-1.94.1
  • fprintd-lang 1.94.1
  • fprintd-pam 1.94.1
  1. After having these packages installed you configure PAM to use the finger print scanner:
pam-config --add --fprintd

This adds the line “auth sufficient pam_fprintd.so” to the PAM file “common-auth-pc”.

  1. To “register” finger-prints you can use either the command line tool fprintd-enroll or the gnome dialog (Settings → Users → Fingerprint Login [Enabled] → User popup window and Button “Scan new fingerprint”).

The command line tool fprintd-enroll can be called as normal user. fprintd-list lists the already “registered” finger prints of that user.

The syntax for fprintd-enroll is:

fprintd-enroll [-f finger] [username] # […] is an optional parameter

finger needs to replaced by the register-name of the finger you like to scan: left-thumb, left-index-finger, left-middle-finger, left-ring-finger, left-little-finger, right-thumb, right-index-finger, right-middle-finger, right-ring-finger, right-little-finger. right-index-finger is the

fprintd-verify [-f finger] [username]

fprintd-verify helps to check, if the fingerprint could now be validated.

Finally the fingerprint scanner now works with the graphical login.


So far I did not found a method to edit (correct) my community article.
Here the correction:
The command in step 2 (configure PAM to use the finger print scanner) should be:

pam-config --add --fprintd

Fixed it @Fabian_Herschel

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