[RESPONDED] OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Fingerprint Authentication in Gnome

I’ve been reading several of the topics on the fingerprint reader but I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I’ve installed Tumbleweed over my previous Ubuntu install, deleted old fingerprints, enabled pam-config, and enrolled my new fingerprints.

I’ve been able to successfully log in using the fingerprint, which is great! Now I want to be able to use my fingerprints for gnome’s authentication window popup (I believe this is gnomesu?) and when sudo-ing in the terminal. For those two items I still get asked to enter my password.

Any hints or ideas?

Hi @Jeremiah_Jones,

If this is a 13th Gen Framework 13, there was a switch in firmware discussed here.

The current manual firmware update workaround until it lands in LVFS is found here.

Hi @Matt_Hartley!

This is a Framework 13 12th gen, 1240P. I was able to get the fingerprints to register, and so I can use it for logging in, but I don’t get the prompts for sudo commands or the gnome authentication popup. I’m not suspecting a firmware issue.

This is opensuse-specific, so I understand this is an as-available request. But if anyone has any places I might look to understand why Ubuntu gives me a fingerprint message for sudo but Tumbleweed does not, I’d welcome any help.

For PAM duties (sudo, etc), click here and the bottom of the page.

That would be for Ubuntu.

For SuSE, try this: SDB:Using fingerprint authentication - openSUSE Wiki

I have not personally tested it, but this should get you in the right direction.

For anyone else looking into this, I realized that the issue is the lack of a pam configuration file for sudo. Ubuntu ships a sudo configuration in /etc/pam while opensuse does not.

Since the configuration of pam is too complex and interconnected for me to take on, I gave up on this. Many hours of searching did not find any package that configures pam for sudo in opensuse.

I switched back to Ubuntu because this is too big of a QoL improvement to give up.

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Appreciate the update :slight_smile:

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