How does the laptop airflow/cooling work?

I’m doing a study on the framework laptop and I need to know if the vents at the bottom of the laptop are intake or exhaust and if hot air gets sent out the back or through the keyboard. Anyone that can help?

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The intake is through the vents on the bottom and the exhaust is out the back in the gap formed by the screen hinge.

You can see this in the design of the design of the fan housing, centrifugal devices like this fan “fling” air out and the housing is larger on the side where the airflow gathers. That and the arrow printed on top. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tell us more about your study?


@Fraoch I am doing DT A level (which is 11th grade (I think :slightly_smiling_face:) in The US) and one of my concept ideas is a dock that the laptop can sit in to give it better cooling, graphics card, more I/O ext. but talking about cooling I will need to know how where I need ventilation (and which direction) so I don’t end up hindering preformance