Use of second vent?

Hello all!

As most of you Framework owners have probably noticed there is a second vent to the right of the first vent! As well as a intake at the bottom!
Currently this has absolutely NO use as the first fan intakes and exhausts purely from the left intake and exhaust!
This points towards the possibility of a dual fan configuration heatsink + fan in the future for a mainboard (Meaning possibly higher power parts, and to appease the dGPU fans here maybe a low power dGPU)!
Interestingly though- the place where a second fan would go is currently blocked by the RAM modules and I don’t see how this would be possbile to change in the future- anyone have any ideas how Framework could squeeze a second fan onto the board? Interested in what you all think possibilities are!


The [ease of] repairability is definitely introducing a constraint here because you want access to the following without removing the mainboard:

  1. RAM access
  2. SSD access
  3. Display, wifi, webcam, speaker, battery, fan connectors.
  4. RTC battery access
  5. Heatsink & fan access.

With all that footprint, I don’t think you can get a second fan in there. …Not unless the footprint changes.

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If the footprint changes it wouldn’t make sense that there was a second vent in the 13" chassis! Also I doubt the mainboard will be switched over footprint changes, maybe though!
Maybe it’s just for symmetry

Maybe 10 years from now, SODIMM will be smaller, SSD will be smaller…

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A future motherboard revision could possibly have the CPU on the other side, no?


Wouldn’t say it’s useless. The negative pressure the fan creates automatically makes it an intake.

Oh true! It might be pulling air over the mainboard! I always wondered why the top of the fan was uncovered while the keyboard was on top of it!

Good thinking!

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