[ANSWERED] Will there EVER be a Nordic/Scandinavian Framework Laptop (still waiting one year+ later)

Why can’t i buy one, when they can get them all over EU ?
(i doubt it takes years to redesign the keyboard)

Why dont you head over to Request: Review of Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss, Slovenian, Thai, Hungarian, and Danish keyboards - #40 by modular to check if the keyboard there?
It seems there will be separate Norwegian, Swedish and Danish keyboard layouts.

It’s not the design that is an issue, it’s conforming to local regulations so that the warranty is valid and taxes are paid etc. For example people have bought one with a ‘foreign’ address and then had it forwarded but then you can’t ask for official support.

All this has been explained somewhere. If I have time and find it I will add a link, though it may be quicker for you if you search the forum.




Freight forwarding became such a topic of confusion that it is now not even permitted to discuss it ??

That is correct. We do not support freight forwarding in any form, and if individuals continue to attempt to forward regardless of our stance, and want to discuss it, it is not to be discussed on official Framework channels. Please take it elsewhere.

When we have updates on expansion into additional countries/regions, our Community will be the first to know. Thank you for your patience.


What use does it have to keep repeating the same arguments over and over again?

All is said on it, so I can understand Frameworks public statement.


maybe we can put a very noticable text somewhere that expansion to other regions and layouts is on progress but will be communicated when relevant? Or encourage people to use the search…

The same questions pop up daily now. (May not be daily, but I’m frequently visiting and read it often)

It’s been posted numerous times, is a pinned topic in the Framework Announcements section, we’ve updated our Community Guidelines, and it’s been posted on all social channels. At this point, we’re unwilling to graffiti it everywhere to become obnoxious in standard Community flows.


To be sure the OP doesn’t think it’s an easy option and want to discuss it. I have no idea if they have read up on it, so I’m just being sure they get the ‘picture’