How to confirm that fan is working?

My laptop feels consistently hotter than it should be. How can I confirm that my fan is working?

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Which laptop setup do you have 11G 12G etc.

What OS? What use?

You should be able to hear the fan, though in my case it rarely engages as my temp doesn’t often go above 45°C etc.

On the heat side do you know how warm it gets?

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If you’re feeling ballsy, you could pop open the laptop, keep the KB & Co. attached with the connector and hit the power button. Fan should go whrrr then, would be able to see it, too!

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Thanks for the prompt replies and suggestions.

My DIY has 1185-G7 CPU with 64 GB RAM and Windows 10 Pro. I use it for a lot of large Excel model builds.

What can I use to determine how warm it is getting? Is there some type of “laptop thermometer” I can use?

You can download an application for windows that does access the sensors and give read outs for the CPU etc.



Yes! There are many programs dedicated to reading hardware information!
HWiNFO64 is the general to-go for pros, although Throttlestop can also read temperature as well as provide functionality to lower it!

It’s also possible to read the fan speed. Howett wrote a good description here. If there’s interest, I could share a Python script that eases polling of the fan speed.