Laptop heat and fan seems not spinning

My laptop is heating and the fan isn’t working. What should I do ?

Blow very hard. :grinning:

If you still have warranty: Contact Support

We need more information to help you.

  • Is it a new Laptop / the fan never worked:
  • What Gen is your Framework
  • What is your OS.
  • Did anything happen before the fan stopped working.
    • OS update
    • Physical events (e.g. Dropping the Framework, water spilled, …)

Yep, straight onto support for that - if you’re sure the fans aren’t spinning.

Most laptops can be run with the case open, which lets you visually confirm fan behavior. Also means you can verify the obvious, such as checking connectors or reseating those connectors.

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Thank you for your messages.
@BarriBurt, I can visually confirm that the fans aren’t spinning. I’ve blow on it but nothing changed.
@flovo, I use my laptop for 1 year now, fan was working good.

  • Framework Gen : 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1240P 1.70 GHz
  • OS : Windows 11
  • OS update : 22H2 version
  • Did anything happen before the fan stopped working : Nothing but when the fan stopped working, I heard a noise, as if the fan had jammed.

Thank you guys for you help :slight_smile:

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