How to delete account?

I do not currently see an option for being able to delete an account, just logout. Would be helpful for the future.


Any word on the ability to do so?

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I believe Discourse has an option to delete your account if you have created it recently and have few or no posts. Past that point, it’s not built into the system and would require some work by Framework Support.

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I by accident registered an account using my google account, and I tried to delete it, but cannot find any option to do so. I have filled out the form on the support page for

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Now I understand it might not be easy and not something many people will need, so I dont expect a button or a nice form. Hope I get a nice reply and I can login my gmail just fine to confirm i want that particular account removed. I changed its username already so this account now has the right nickname I actually wanted to have. Ooof, kinda is my right, but also hope its not too much work. I havent posted anything using that account (and still cant find the delete option). would also add The Streisand effect :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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