Community Username - Possible to change it?

Per title, is it possible to change my username? I logged in/signed up via Google login which made my username my real name. I didn’t see an option to pick a username on sign up. Hopefully its just an oversight on my end, is there a username change option I’m not seeing?

If a mod/admin has to change my name, could I please have my username changed to: ‘jma’ ?



I have the same concern, I’d prefer not using my full real name.

I was able to change it in account preferences, display name can be changed and also the real name

MODS/ADMINS, please disregard my question. I went ahead and logged in with the account I used to pre-order and was able to change my username. I will delete/retire this account (if possible).


Proper account here. I don’t think accounts created with Google can change their usernames on their own.

We had the default setting of enabling username changes within 3 days of account registration. I just adjusted it up to 30 days.

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I created my account 12 days ago and am not presented with option to change. What can I do to change it which I really need to do?

Unfortunately I created my account ages ago so the 30 day change doesn’t fix my issue, but it’s definitely appreciated that the team here responds so quickly to requests like this.

Send me a message with the name you’d like and I can manually change it. I suspect changing the setting didn’t retroactively extend the time for people who had already run out of time.

Edit: Please contact @Destroya instead now!

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Looks like I ran out of time, happy to be Josh_H is that’s still available :slight_smile:

I also signed up with my Google account and never got the change username button. Is it still possible to change it?

Sure, just send me and/or @2disbetter a PM.

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