How to Track issues?

I’m reposting a question from @tombo - How is framework capturing issues? And is is something we can access to submit issues as well?


Continuing the discussion from Ubuntu 21.04 on the Framework Laptop:

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My guess is that Framework manages the issues internally. There is no public bug tracking system (BTS) such as Jira, Bugzlla, Redmine and etc. This forum is such as a kind of relaxed issue tracker. And I think the current situation is good.

In my opinion having a public BTS is a bad idea at least for now. It makes Framework spend lots of time to manage the issues and the status.

Here is Travis CI’s case. Travis had been using their GitHub’s issues feature to manage any issues in the past. But there were thousands of unresolved issues opened by many users. Then a few years ago Travis stopped using the GitHub issues, forbidding creating a new issue ticket, and started to use their community forum like our forum.

We can learn from this case.

There is Known issues on early Framework Laptops in the DIY Edition section.

Personally, I don’t disagree that a public issue/bug tracker might cause more problems, but I think the large amount of duplicate questions / questions already answered on this forum mean that things could improve.

P.S. I don’t think any company should emulate Travis CI… - see Travis CI's new pricing plan threw a wrench in my open source works | Jeff Geerling

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Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to see the timeline, and it’s good to learn. The GitHub Actions CI is good alternative, though I am still using some other CI services too on open source projects I work for on GitHub to avoid vendor lock-in by GitHub.

In my opinion I think Travis business model is freemium unlike Framework. And the model caused such kinds of changes. So, I assume that this kind of pricing change for free users at Travis doesn’t happen at Framework.

I have managed software quality teams for 20+ years in the medical device industry, and have to agree that a public issues tracking system could be an enormous resource drain for a small startup. That said, I would like to know that there was an email address or form we could fill out to bring issues to the attention of the team, who could decide in private how to triage and dispose of them accordingly.

If this were my group to manage, eventually, I would see the forum format too much noise to signal for dedicated issue reporting, but then again, in my industry, we must monitor all known sources of complaints for issues, so I probably wouldn’t have a choice :laughing: