I hate to be the one but

Is there no option to get black PCB in memory or wifi card I can’t bring myself to order green PCBs…


you can buy your own Wi-Fi cards, SSD, and RAM.
Depend on your choice you can get black ones. Although, for WLAN card it probe to be quite rare.

Seriously? Generally I don’t judge other people’s choices but at least in a desktop there is the chance that you will look through a side panel and see the interior, especially with RGB lighting

This is a laptop…you literally can’t see a thing ever until you open it up

Why does this one thing matter to you so? Who would judge you for having a green PCB?


I hate to be the one but

Then don’t be the one. Either accept the color of the PCB’s, or go buy something else.

If you really really want to, you can learn electronics design and make your own sodimms and m.2 wifi and nvme cards.

Actually, I’m pretty sure black nvme ssd’s and memory are quite easy to find. Wifi might be a bit harder but that’s mostly just a tiny green border around a metal can anyway.