B Spec - wifi

I’m interested in a b spec pc, I understand it is barebones, but it does not come with the wifi module, and this module is very difficult to find (not available on framework marketplace). Obviously it is available for new pcs, so I don’t why framework just doesn’t add it, since it is so difficult to find otherwise.

Can you not just add the card to your cart separately? Or are all the wifi cards out of stock?

Hi and welcome

DIY comes with Wi-Fi

Framework Laptop DIY Edition
Input Cover
Memory (optional)
Storage (optional)
Expansion Cards (customizable)
Power Adapter (optional)
Framework Screwdriver
Framework | Choose Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (13th Gen Intel®

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I believe he’s talking about the B-stock / factory seconds DIY kit. Framework | Factory Seconds Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (11th Gen

AX201 or AX200 cards are available online. If nowhere else, there are a ton on ebay. I’d suggest avoiding AX2x1 cards, they use intel propriety protocols, instead of normal PCIe. And are only compatible with certain CPUs. Whereas AX2x0 cards are standard PCIe.

It’s not really worth messing with the ax200 series or xx1 cards when you can get ax210s for usb 20 bucks pretty much everywhere.

Ah! yes I see the Wi-Fi is an extra #18 :slight_smile:

Seems it is available for #18