I have the cool RGB keyboard, I want to remap Shift 4 to be £ not $

How? https://keyboard.frame.work/ now works for me, but its not immediately obvious how to use it.


Windows? Linux?
What language is your laptop set to? E.g. English (US), English (Canada), etc.

Sorry. Linux. English UK> I quite like have the @ on the 2, its just the dollar sign I want to remap.

The issue is that keyboards don’t send actual characters, they send USB HID codes. It’s the OS that decides what character to print. The same keys are interpreted differently depending on what keyboard language you have set in your OS. So if you pick a keyboard language doesn’t have £, well, there is no normal key that will create £. You can either switch to a keyboard language in your OS which does have £, or you’ll have to print the symbol a different way. On Windows, you could use Alt codes. On Linux, Ctrl+Shift+U unicode numbers.

So I was going to suggest creating a unicode macro to type it. In Linux, £ is Ctrl+Shift+UA3 List of Unicode characters - Wikipedia But I forgot that Via is pretty limited. Via being the GUI at keyboard.frame.work. In order to do it only for Shift+4 you could place the macro into a Shift+4 combo, but Via doesn’t expose QMK combos. If you don’t mind adding it directly in QMK (compiling your firmware) then you could setup a combo and macro there. docs.qmk.fm/#/feature_combo, docs.qmk.fm/#/feature_macros. Also, you should first try Ctrl+Shift+UA3 to be sure it works everywhere you need it, if it doesn’t you may need to install IBus.

Or if you have an ANSI layout keyboard, you could try this Vial firmware GitHub - spdkils/Framework-macropad: Working Vial Keyboard for Framework 16 Macropad (it not just for the macropad). You’ll find pre-compiled firmware which you can flash under releases. Vial does expose combos, as well as a lot of other features which Via doesn’t. https://get.vial.today

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Well thankyou for the extremely detailed response, but blimey that all seems complicated.

Everytime I try and use Via I seem to cock it up - I remapped the entire top row of number to be 4 with one click earlier. I honestly dont get how to use it, and I fondly thought its entire purpose was to remap keys. It does, seemingly, just not in the way I want.
Found this - and it does at least work.
To insert the pound sign “£” in Ubuntu press Ctrl + Shift + U, then type A3, then press Enter .

Sadly, it is indeed.

If you have @ on the 2 key then it sounds like your OS language is set to English US. Even if you might have the Framework keyboard with UK printing, it’s your OS language that determines what’s typed.

Perhaps try the English (US international) language in your OS. It will print £ using Right-Alt + 4. Or Right-Alt + Shift + 4
Visual Comparison English (US international)
Bit easier than doing unicode Ctrl + Shift + UA3.