About 120fps and more

maybe it will be good if there is an option for 120fps and higher. what do you think?

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What do you mean by ‘fps’


I think you mean a display panel with 120Hz refresh rates and higher?

But with the Iris XE graphics, not sure if you can achieve such refresh rates. I am not even sure with future Intel 14th or 15th gen with the Intel Arc based iGPUs, will we achieve such performance.


Not a problem for XE graphics: I have an external ultrawide running with 144Hz (connected through a Thunderbolt 3 dock) without issues.
Also connected simultaneously: A second 75Hz screen (same dock) plus internal laptop screen (60Hz)

Intel iGPU is not the issue. Not sure about the internal eDP connector though - it might limit the kind of panels which can be connected internally.


It’s possible to game with 120 Hz actually. At least my i7 1260P manages over 200 fps in Minecraft, it is fast enough for CS:GO, Valorant. And outside of gaming, high refresh rate is just so much more satisfying for productivity, text reading and other things, even cursor movement is better