ICC Profile

Is there somewhere a download for the ICC profile? I think I remember it was mentioned in one of the mails I’ve got as a reaction to the reviews that the prebuilt Windows devices would ship with the correct color profile. Is this one available for Linux too? Generic color profiles usually don’t offer a great color accuracy even in sRGB mode and HDR and wide color gammut support with better color management is comming to Linux (especially Wayland) fast.

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Maybe icm is helpfull? Here is one Radeon RX 7700S Leistungsdebüt: Framework Laptop 16 im Test - Notebookcheck.com Tests you have to search for “icc”


I’ll try that, thanks. Supposedly they should be identical to ICC files, expect the file suffix.

If you have installed winrar, you can right-click on the driver package (exe) and unpack the files it contains using the context menu. The icc profile is in the “Monitor” folder

I’ve just downloaded the ICM file from the page. After getting a bit confused that the profile is called BOE CQ something it was quite easy to set your
It up.