Identifying vPRO vs non-vPRO AX210?

Hey all - is there any method of identifying a vPRO AX210 vs a non-vPRO AX210?

I’ve started using the Bluetooth on my Framework Laptop and I noticed that there’s a “VPRO__” device following me around, which I think might be coming from my AX210 - except I ordered the non-vPRO AX210.

lspci doesn’t seem to have anything differentiating, and I took a look at the physical card itself and nothing seems to indicate vPRO, so I’m confused if there’s anything I’m missing or if the only vPRO indicator is this random bluetooth device that seems attached to my laptop.

Huh, that’s strange. Which processor did you get?

(I know this doesn’t seem relevant, but if you got the 1185-G7 it might be!)


I bought both the vPro CPU and WiFi specifically to use. However I do not see any sort of vPro device following me around. I also have it currently disabled in the BIOS. Is yours turned on?

I got the i5-1135G7. I didn’t see any sort of vPRO setting in the BIOS.

(A screenshot of said vPRO bluetooth device following me around:


I’m tempted to order another non-vPRO AX210 from the Marketplace to see if I’ve just been sent one wrongly, maybe. But I wanted to double check if there was a way to differentiate beforehand, in case this is a non-vPRO AX210 that’s just being weird and I’ve wasted some money.

I have not seen any vPro device show on mine. Which has me worried perhaps I was sent a non vPro one. XD

i found this

Screenshot 2022-08-26 214414

Just for completeness sake, and since I’m yet again trying to get my vPro working without success, when I reached out to support they told me that:

While both chips have the same model number: AX210NGW, the part numbers are:
P/N: 5W10V25783 == vPro version
P/N: 5W10V25784 == no vPro version

I initially got the non-vPro module and ordered a vPro one.

I can confirm that my original module’s part number ended in 84 and the new one ends in 83.